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 Private Wine Tours

Your Partner in Wine


Welcome. This is your first step to a wonderful adventure in the beautiful Niagara Wine Country. Breakout -Niagara runs and owned by wine lovers. Take the time to customize your experience, or have our professional Sommelier suggest the most desirable vineyards in the region. Breakout -Niagara offers a boutique-style experience you will never forget. Any size of groups are welcome.



We are certified Sommeliers  from Niagara Falls. Has spent years in the region developing and forming alliances with countless extraordinary wine producers in the area. Niagara on The Lake Wineries, Niagara Wineries and 20 Valley Wineries.

                                                                     Beautiful Sites

Niagara offers all different sizes and styles of vineyards. We have taken the time to explore just about all of them. From the largest, most well known vineyards, to the family run, boutique wine producers, local distillers and gourmet food shops, we know them all. 

                                                           Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are fully committed to your experience. Whether you design your own day, or allow us to make the plans for you, our promise is our pledge. We guarantee you'll love Exploring Niagara as much as we do. We are specialized in private experience's only. We can accommodate any size of groups.

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